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Obidos Weather

The following weather chart displays the average weather conditions for Obidos in Portugal. The first chart displays the maximum temperature plotted against the number of wet days per month The second chart displays the average maximum daytime temperature and minimum night time temperature in Fahrenheit and Centigrade. The third Obidos weather chart display the average hours of sunshine while the fourth indicates the average amount of rainfall verses number of wet days.

Average Weather of Obidos

Obidos Weather

The Temperature of Obidos in Fahrenheit and Centigrade

Obidos Rainfall and Wet Days

Obidos rainfall rain wet

Average Rainfall for Obidos

The blue bar chart displays the average number of wet days that Obidos experiences per month, this is plotted against the average amount of rainfall per month.

Obidos Sunshine and Hours of Sun
Obidos Sunshine sun

Average hours of Sunshine for Obidos

The above Obidos weather chart details the average number of hours of sunshine per day plotted against the maximum temperature. Portugal has pleasantly long warm summers with many hours of sun.

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