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Tourism Guide for Obidos Portugal

Obidos is a beautiful and historic walled town that makes for an enjoyable day trip from Lisbon. This guide will provide an introduction to Obidos and has been written to provide useful, up-to-date and unbiased information for tourists who are considering visiting the town.

Obidos Portugal

The beautiful view over Obidos, Portugal from the city wall

Why visit Obidos?

Obidos is one of the most picturesque towns of Portugal. The compact town centre is filled with cobbled streets and traditional painted houses, while the entire town is encircled by the solid city walls. Obidos was traditionally owned by the queen of Portugal and this has ensured that every house or shop has been lovingly cared for and maintained. There is no better example of a traditional Portuguese town than Obidos.

Obidos as a Day Trip

Obidos is one of the best day trips from Lisbon and is highly recommended for visitors who based within Lisbon for more than five days. In Obidos there are sufficient sights to fill a half day of sightseeing and there is a regular bus between Obidos and Lisbon.

Obidos Portugal

Obidos is considered one of the prettiest towns of Portugal

The suggested order of day trips from Lisbon are: Sintra, Cascais, Obidos (or Evora) and Mafra. The pretty town of Sintra is the best day trip from Lisbon and should be visited before Obidos. Evora and Obidos are interchangeable as a day trip to a historic fortified Portuguese town; Evora has many more sights but the journey is significantly longer (1h45 bus journey).

What’s the best monument in Obidos?

The best monument in Obidos is the beautiful Porta da Vila. The Porta da Vila was the main gate into Obidos and is decorated by traditional azulejos tiles which depict the Passion of Christ.

Porta da Vila Obidos

The beautiful tile paints of the Porta da Vila

What’s the best activity of Obidos?

The best activity of Obidos is the walk around the town walls, which extend around the entire town. From the walls there are wonderful views over the tiled roofs and traditional painted house of Obidos. The walk around town walls takes about an hour but is only suited for the fit and healthy as the path is well worn with multiple trip hazards and verges on dangerous. For a list of all of the sights in Obidos please click here.

Obidos town walls

The town walls of Obidos

What’s the Best Local’s Secrete of Obidos?

The Obidos region is famed for the cherry liqueur called Ginja de Obidos and no trip to Obidos is complete without savouring this sweet tasting drink in one of the town’s small bars.

Ginja de obidos

Ginja de Obidos is a deliciously sweet alcoholic drink

Ginja is produced by infusing Morello cherries in Aguardiente (hence the strength of the drink!) and is served straight with a cherry in the shot glass. Some bars even serve the drink in a chocolate cup.

How long to does it take to visit Obidos?

Obidos is a very small town and all of the major sights can be seen within in a couple of hours. The main attraction of Obidos is the charming nature of the town and this may not be fully experience during a rushed visit. During the summer try to arrive earlier or later in the day to avoid the numerous coach tours.

Obidos castle

The mighty Obidos castle has been converted into a hotel

Why stay longer in Obidos?

The main reason to stay in Obidos for a night is to experience the town once all of the daytrip tourists have left for the day. During the summer the town can get crowded with foreign tourists and the allure of the town can be lost. There are many good restaurants and bars in Obidos and these are best experienced with a night’s stay. Obidos can make for an enjoyable alternative destination as part of a tour of Portugal. Obidos is surrounded by an interesting and scenic region and highlights include Peniche, Caldas da Rainha and the beach of Lagoa de Obidos.

Travel to Obidos

The best method to travel to Obidos from Lisbon is to catch the bus. The express buses depart from Campo Grande bus station, which is located on the green and yellow metro line. The journey takes 1 hour and a single ticket costs €7.10.

Rodotejo Obidos bus

The Rodotejo buses that connect Lisbon and Obidos

The express Obidos bus route is called the “Rapida Verde”, which connects Lisbon with the city of Caldas da Rainha and is operated by the RODOTEJO bus company. There are multiple daily services Monday to Friday but there are significantly less services at the weekend. There is a train station in Obidos but rail travel is not an option as the journey is much longer than the bus route. For a complete guide about traveling to Obidos from Lisbon please click here.

Driving to Obidos

Obidos is located close to the A8 express way and the journey takes 45 minutes. This section of expressway uses the expensive and over complicated toll system. There is a single car park in Obidos which is south of the walled city but cars should not be driven into the old town.

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